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We treat women’s health problems, PRIVATELY.

Our clinic is well-equipped with the diagnosis, treatment and management of most women’s health issues, ranging from menstrual issues, to breast and vaginal issues. We can also offer advice about contraception and relevant sexual health screening. 

What should I do about my women’s health problems?

Here are some comprehensive resources to refer to, with some simple tips to figure out what is going on. We aim to expand this library resource to help you better manage your women’s health issues at home as much as possible and know when to consult a doctor for further advice. If you need more help, remember to check out our Services just below!

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What Is A Women’s Health Check?


We treat common Women’s Health Issues.

Our doctors are dedicated to providing a DISCREET, CONFIDENTIALand PROFESSIONAL environment for you to discuss your health issues. 

We treat common menstrual problems.

Slight variations in women’s periods can be common, with changes in expected timing, quantity, and even pain levels. Sometimes it is from exercises changes or diet changes, or sometimes it could be something more. We treat all the following common conditions listed below. 

Common Menstrual Period Problems

Here are a few common causes below of what could be causing period problems for you. 

feminine health problems

Painful Period (Dysmenorrhoea)

Frequent painful periods or severely painful periods, if monitored and worsening over time, should be reviewed. 

Heavy Period (Menorrhagia)

Periods lasting for more than 7 days or require pad changes every 2 hours or more frequently should be checked out. 

Irregular Menstruation

Whether it is mid cycle bleeding or unexpected timings of your periods, if it is out of the ordinary for you, then it might be necessary to get it checked.

We treat common breast problems.

Breast discomfort with your menstrual cycles can be expected but if it is a persistent problem that worries you, seek advice or even more tests if needed. 

Common Breast Problems

Here are a few common causes below of what could be causing breast problems for you. 

woman experiencing pain in breast

Breast pain or discomfort

Breast discomfort amounting to pain can be a symptom of underlying inflammation and infection. Do not wait until the pain becomes unbearable before seeking advice from a doctor. 

Breast lump

Breast lumps whether painful or painless should always be evaluated, especially if you do regular breast examination and you find it different from what you usually expect. 

Breastfeeding problems

Between blocked ducts, engorgement and breast infections, breast feeding can be a minefield to navigate. Sometimes all you need is advice about breast pump funnel fits! 

We treat common vaginal problems. 

Vaginal issues can cause a lot of distress and difficulty with everyday life. It could range from simple infections to sexually transmitted disease or even cancer. See our in house female doctor, Dr Zhang Huipei to put your mind at ease.

Common Vaginal Problems

Here are a few common causes below of what could be causing vaginal problems for you. 

woman covering vagina because of itch

Vaginal itch

This could range from a simple external vagina skin issue to vaginal infections. Different diagnosis will require different treatments. 

Vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge can be just from regular ovulation, non-STD related infections to sexually transmitted diseases. See a doctor if you are worried about how yours looks or smells different from the usual. 

Vaginal pain

Pain around the vaginal region very rarely disappears on its own and it could be a symptom of underlying ulcers or growing infectious lumps and also STDs need to be considered. 

Vaginal odour

This particular problem could be very distressing for women but could be easily treated in a clinic setting, sometimes even without requiring extensive swab testing. 

Vaginal lumps

Lumps around the vaginal region could be anything from warts, to bartholin’s cyst, to abscesses (infectious lumps). If it is growing rapidly, do go and see a doctor quickly! 

Pain during sex (dyspareunia)

Without blaming psychological factors, depending on when you experience pain during intercourse, entry, penetration or deep pain, the causes could range from very benign to problems that could arise in the abdomen. 

Bleeding after sex

Also known as post-coital bleeding, this could arise from sexually transmitted infections to early cervical cancer. Do get this checked out with a doctor you trust. 

We treat common urinary problems.

The most common cause of urinary symptoms in women is urinary tract infection. But do not rule out other conditions, that may vary for different women in different age groups. 

Common Urinary Problems

Here are a few common causes below of what could be causing urinary problems for you. 

pain during urination

Painful urination

Apart from the obvious urinary tract infection diagnosis, there could be considerations for sexually transmitted diseases or local ulcers or vaginal skin issues that can cause the pain on urinating. 

Frequent urination

Urine infections, bladder stone issues or even diabetes have to be considered if urination is frequent, or if it happens a lot at night. 

Blood in urine

If the blood you experience in your urine is definitely not from your menstruation, then you should get an opinion from your doctor about it. It could range from something benign like eating beetroot to underlying kidney problems. 

We can help you with contraception or family planning.

Family planning for women is considered an important integral part of women’s health as well. If you are not ready for children yet, consider than prevention is definitely better than dealing with the alternative. 

Family Planning

Here are some ways we can help you with contraception or family planning. 

advice on family planning


Simple advice about the different options that are available as well as what most suits your lifestyle and needs could be easily discussed during a routine consultation. 

Emergency Contraception 

Sometimes accidents happen and thankfully there are modern work- arounds for it. Check with your trusted doctor on what is safe and the time frame needed for emergency contraception. 

Oral Contraception

Oral contraceptive pills are used for more than family planning, it can be used to plan and regulate your menstrual cycles and also sometimes to treat menstrual related problems. 

We conduct personalised Women’s Health Screening. 

For women of different age groups, who are worried about different medical concerns at certain points in their lives, we can customize RELEVANT screening that will be useful for them. 

Women’s Health Screening

Here are a few common types of health screening for women, which can be catered to your existing conditions or age group. 

swab test for sexually transmitted diseases

Premarital screening or sexual health screening 

There are tests ranging from blood tests to vaginal swabs to HPV DNA. Depending on what you need, our doctors can advise you accordingly. 

pap smear test in women

Pap Smear (Cervical Cancer Screening)

For women are are sexually actively, consider cervical cancer vaccination, regular Pap smear screening or even detailed HPV DNA testing. 

Mammogram, Breast Ultrasound (Breast Cancer Screening)

Regular breast cancer screening is recommended for women above 40 years old, yearly from 40-50, 2-yearly from 50-60. Also consider doing it earlier if you have significant family history of breast cancer. 

Chronic disease health screening

Do not overlook this and this is not just for older women. There are conditions in younger women who are associated with increased risk of chronic diseases. A simple example is polycystic ovarian syndrome has an increased risk of diabetes. Based on your background and family history, our doctors can recommend RELEVANT health screening tailored to you. 

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