Family Physician
MBBS (Singapore)
Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine

Dr Zhang has been practicing medicine since 2011 with a special interest in skin-related conditions, women's and children's health and chronic disease management.

Dr Zhang has acquired experience in various Institutions including National Skin Centre, Accident and Emergency departments, KKH Children's Hospital and various Polyclinics.

Dr Zhang's professional memberships include:

1. Accredited Family Physician with the College of Family Physicians, Singapore.

2. Exercise is Medicine Singapore certified Physician. 

3. Member, Singapore Medical Association


General Practitioner
MBBS (Australia)

Dr Lee graduated in 2011 from Monash University in Australia. He has a special interest in men's health, sports injuries, geriatric conditions and chronic disease management.

After acquiring experience in many surgical disciplines by working in different surgical departments in various Institutions, Dr Lee is the main doctor who does the minor surgical procedures in our Clinic.

Dr Lee's professional memberships include:

1. Member of the Society of Men's Health Singapore with the Certificate In Andrology.

2. Member of the Sports Medicine Association Singapore.

3. Exercise is Medicine Singapore (EIMS) certified Physician.  

4. Member, Singapore Medical Association.

Dr Lee is an active reservist NS Medical Officer in the Singapore Armed Forces. In 2018, he received the Sword of Honour from the SAF. 

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