Minor Surgery and Procedures

in GP Clinic

We understand there is a lot of anxiety just before going for a surgery, even if it is a minor surgery.  

What is the meaning of minor surgery?

Minor surgical procedures are short surgeries that can be applied for management of superficial skin injuries or infection and can be safely performed in an office setting, usually with the use of local anaesthesia, without requiring postoperative observation or hospitalization.  

Can minor surgery be done in GP?

Depending on the minor surgery involved, some general practitioners have the adequate infrastructure, instruments and equipment, and also the necessary skills needed for performing a minor surgery in a clinic setting.

What are common minor office surgeries?

Some common minor clinic surgeries would include stitching up cuts, treating burns, removal of stuck objects, ingrown toenail removal, drainage of small pus collections and removal of superficial skin lumps. More on this will be elaborated below. 

How long does minor surgery take?

First the assessment by the doctor would be to decide whether the minor surgical procedure is necessary and whether it can indeed be performed in a clinic setting. Based on the clinical assessment and the necessary minor surgery to be done, it could range from 15 min to about an hour depending on how complex the surgery is, but it does not last much longer than that. 

How do I know if I have to visit the doctor for a minor surgery?

Here are some comprehensive resources to refer to, with some simple tips to figure out what is going on. We aim to expand this library resource to help you decide if you can manage minor accidents at home as much as possible and know when to consult a doctor for further advice. If you need more help, remember to check out our Services just below!

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We can help you with minor Surgical procedures that can be done in a GP clinic.

Using our advanced surgical system, with appropriate wound care and dressings, we are able to treat common and superficial skin conditions like cuts, abrasions, skin infections and skin lumps.

We can help you with EMERGENCY procedures that do not need to be treated in hospital

No one wants to go to the hospital accident and emergency. Using our advanced surgical system, with appropriate wound care and dressings, we can treat most bleeding cuts and wounds, burns, stuck objects in clinic, saving you a trip to the emergency department. 

Common Emergency Procedures

Here are a few common minor surgery procedures below that we can help you with. 

Stitch up Cuts, Wounds and Lacerations

Bleeding wounds are distressing. Using our advanced surgical system, we can stop most wounds from bleeding. We can also STITCH and SEW up most CUTS, wounds and lacerations in clinic, saving you a trip to the hospital accident and emergency department. 

superficial sunburn of skin

Burn Treatment

We treat most minor burns from hot water, oil, heaters with appropriate wound care and advanced dressings in clinic. 

Removal of stuck objects

Sometimes, objects can get stuck in ears. We can remove most objects stuck in ears. We can also remove most stuck ear wax.

change urine catheter

Insertion and removal of urinary catheters

We remove and insert urinary catheters if needed, to relieve urinary problems. 

We can treat skin infections surgically if needed. 

We always try to treat infections with medicine first, but sometimes, surgery may be needed. We use our advanced surgical system in clinic to help you with this. Furthermore, most patients are scared of surgery because of the potential pain. Rest assured we have surgical and anaesthesia techniques to reduce the pain during any surgical procedure. 

Common Skin Infections

Here are a few common causes of skin infections that might need minor surgery. 

Ingrown Toenail Removal 

Ingrown toenails can be painful and cause distress. Sometimes, a surgical procedure called a wedge resection of the nail may be needed. We also ensure that patients have little to no pain during the surgical procedure. 

skin pus collection

Abscess Surgery in GP clinic

This is a fairly common problem that we have helped patients with. Abscesses, infected cysts, carbuncles, are actually more common than you think. We always try to treat using medicine first, but sometimes, medicine fails and hence a surgical procedure called Incision and Drainage of the Abscess is needed. In a GP clinic, abscess surgery usually involves a small incision above the abscess to allow the pus to drain out. In some cases, the skin layer above the abscess may be removed. After that the wound is inspected thoroughly to break up all other pockets of pus. 

cleaning skin wound

Treatment of abrasions and scraped skin

Accidents happen. We have treated babies, toddlers, children, all the way to elderly adults for such injuries. Good wound care is needed to ensure minimal infection and promote good wound healing. We have advanced dressings in clinic to expedite your recovery. 

We can remove most skin lumps in clinic. 

Using our surgical system in clinic, we can surgically remove these lumps, with minimal pain and discomfort to optimise your recovery time. 

Common Skin Lumps

Here are a few common types of skin lumps that can be removed in a GP clinic. 

Skin Tag and Warts removal

Skin tags are soft, small beige skin coloured skin growths, which can differ in colour and size. Skin tags are commonly located on the neck, armpits, around the groin, or under the breasts. They can also appear on the eyelids or under the folds of the buttocks. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate between skin tags and warts, so it will be good to check in with your doctor. 

Skin tags are usually surgically removed, with minimal pain and downtime to patients. We have several methods to remove warts, ranging from freezing the wart, to surgically removing the wart. 

treat back lipoma

Skin Lumps and Cysts removal

Sometimes, lumps appear underneath the skin. These lumps may be Sebaceous cysts, Lipomas. These are largely benign lumps, but may look ugly. Most people may get these lumps removed for cosmetic reasons. However, the diagnosis of such lumps is not confirmed till the lump is removed. Hence, it may be prudent to get these lumps removed.

We use our advanced surgical system to help us in removing the lumps. Once the lump is removed, we send the lump for testing in the laboratory to ascertain the diagnosis. 

skin mole over neck

Mole removal

Moles are unsightly dark coloured lesions on the skin. Sometimes, patients want to get the moles removed surgically due to cosmetic reasons. However, in other situations, it may be better to get the mole removed as it may possibly be a form of skin cancer called Melanoma. 

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