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We understand that skin issues can be distressing and frustrating to live with.

Having skin issues can have long term effects on our self esteem, especially if they are not treated or controlled. For acute rashes, those can be diagnosed and treated, while some chronic skin conditions needs more education and lifelong management. 

What should I do about my skin problems?

Here are some comprehensive resources to refer to, with some simple tips to figure out what is going on. We aim to expand this library resource to help you better manage your skin issues at home as much as possible and know when to consult a doctor for further advice. If you need more help, remember to check out our Services just below!

Can I See A GP For Skin Issue?


We treat the most common skin problems. 

The most common skin problems are listed below and are generally easily treated. Some can be diagnosed and will resolve, while others tend to stick around for a long time. Hence, sometimes you need to know what skin condition you have and how to manage it in our hot and humid climate.

Common Skin Problems

Here are a few common causes of skin problems below, which can be treated in a GP clinic. 

acne vulgaris on face


Oily skin with congested hair follicles can result in blackheads and whiteheads. Acne can range from simple mild pimples to severe cystic acne and treatment varies based on that as well.

eczema dry skin


Long lasting skin condition that causes dry, itchy and sometimes cracking skin.

rashes over skin

Skin Rashes

Skin rashes or dermatitis can be from infectious causes or allergic causes or even autoimmune causes. To differentiate the causes, see a doctor for management. Below I briefly talk about allergic and infectious reasons. 

skin hives

Allergic Rashes (Hives, Contact Dermatitis)

Hives or urticaria consists of raised itchy rashes that appear after exposure to a specific substance that you could be allergic to. Contact dermatitis, on the other hand, refers to an allergic rash response caused by direct contact with the said substance.

superficial sunburn of skin


A sunburn refers to skin that has been exposed to the sun and has become painful and inflamed. It could be superficial or severe enough to cause blisters.

baby diaper rashes

Diaper Rashes

Skin irritation and inflammation around buttock and genital region, caused by usage of diapers. There is more information about rashes in children under the section on ‘Children’s Services in GP Clinic’. 

pigmentation of skin

Skin Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation could result from hyperpigmentation (meaning excess pigment) or hypopigmentation (meaning reduced pigment). It could be from past recovered inflammation, from sun exposure, medications or skin disorders. 

skin mole over neck

Skin Moles

Moles are pigmented skin growths, which can occur on anyone and everyone. Most of them are benign and sometimes they can change in appearance with age, and occasionally be dangerous or cancerous. 


We treat the most common skin Infections. 

Apart from the common skin rashes mentioned above, there are also many times of common skin infections that are acute and can be treated easily if detected early. 

Common Skin Infections

Below are some common causes of skin infection, many of which we do see and treat.

infection of the skin

Skin Infection

Skin infections could refer to cellulitis which is generalised infection of the skin or abscesses which are localised collections of pus underneath the skin. On top of that, skin infections can occur anywhere that has skin, which could range from the face to the genitalia. 

skin pus collection

Skin Boils

Skin boils here refers to skin abscesses or collections of pus caused by bacterial infection. They usually start off as painful reddish lumps and if they get bigger, can burst and start discharging pus.

rashes with viruses

Viral Infections with Rashes

Rashes can arise from various types of viral infection, which can range from common infections in children like hand foot mouth disease to viral infections like dengue. They may have different appearances depending on the underlying infection. 

ringworm skin infection

Ringworm Infection

A ringworm infection is a fungal infection that has the appearance of a reddish circle on the skin with a clearing in the centre, no worms are actually involved in this infection.

fungal infection of foot

Athlete’s Foot

This refers to fungal infection over the feet that occurs over the sole as well as in between the toes, usually causing significant rashes and itchiness, which might have been triggered by excessive sweatiness over the feet.

painful shingles rashes

Painful Rashes (Shingles)

Shingles is a form of reactivation of the chickenpox virus. It is most classically very painful and appear as a cluster of blisters, sometimes over the chest region or the even the face region. 

herpes cold sores

Cold Sores

Cold sores are a viral infection that tends to manifest as small blister around the lips. They can be painful and uncomfortable and tends to recur even after recovery. 

When your skin condition is treated and controlled, then you can start thinking about getting scar treatment. 

Spending time and effort with skin care products and skin care treatment can be done concurrently with treating longstanding or acute skin conditions. But you do not get them treated and managed, scar treatment can be futile because your skin condition keeps causing new issues. Get further advice from your doctor if you have questions. 

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