Phase 2 Heightened Alert - What steps should I take to protect myself?

Is it another Circuit Breaker, again?

Do not let your guard down when it comes to your health, take these following necessary steps to stay healthy in these difficult times and read on to figure out what steps to take in the unfortunate event that you fall ill.

Paddington Medical explains how we can help you for Acute and Chronic medical conditions, emergency and accident cases during this Phase 2 Heightened Alert.

We also want to reassure you that we are taking steps to protect everyone that enters our clinic. Read on to find out more on how we do this. Dr Lee from Paddington Medical has also summarised the points below in a video for your convenience.

Steps to protect yourself during Phase 2 Heightened Alert

1) Stay home and work from home as much as possible

Keep abreast of the latest places visited by Covid-positive patients as there is ongoing precautionary surveillance testing for asymptomatic individuals who have visited high-risk areas.

As such, it would be more prudent to stay home and avoid going out as any place could become the next high-risk area. If you need to go out, do make sure you carry your TraceTogether dongle or token, or activate TraceTogether app on your phone.

2) Wear mask when out

This is already compulsory for everyone living in Singapore but we tend to overlook this during certain periods like for example during mealtime and exercising.

Make a conscious effort to keep the mask on as much as possible when outdoors and avoid meals or drinks unless necessary. And bring along your TraceTogether token or dongle!

3) Hand sanitizers

Keep some readily available in your pocket or handbag, or even in your car if you drive. If you are frequently using soap and are prone to sensitive skin, consider switching to hypo-allergenic brands or pH-balanced soap.

4) Get your Covid Vaccination done if you are eligible

MORE people that are vaccinated = HARDER for the virus to spread = SAFER for you and your loved ones. Read more about Our Honest and Unfiltered Experience of getting the COVID vaccination.

5) See a doctor when you are unwell

Do not hide your symptoms, the sooner you get help, the faster you can get well. To keep your loved ones safe, it would be important to make sure you get tested or the treatment you require quickly. Treatable conditions can be managed early so that they do not need to be escalated and require hospitalization.

To contact us at Paddington Medical, we are available

What to do in the event that you fall ill?

1. Acute medical conditions

For the list of acute conditions that can be seen in an outpatient GP setting, refer to this list of services we provide. These conditions do not warrant a visit to the hospital and can be managed in an outpatient setting as much as possible.

We offer teleconsultation at the convenience of your own home, especially for conditions such as skin and eye conditions, aches and pains and women's health issues. For information on this, refer to Paddington Teleconsult.

2. Chronic medical conditions

For chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, teleconsultation is a seamless way to get hold of your medications. In the event of circuit-breaker, we do offer Paddington Teleconsult to follow-up on your conditions with medication delivery with flat fee of $5.

For existing patients with us, blood tests can be deferred until further notice while new patients can be provided with medications until such time is suitable for lab tests to be done.

3. Emergency cases

As for emergency cases that require hospitalization, do contact 995 for SCDF ambulance for transportation to the hospital.

For some select cases that do not require hospitalization, Paddington Medical does offer home visits by our Doctor for assessment and management if necessary.

If you are unsure how to proceed, we are also available for a quick teleconsult if needed to decide on how to proceed.

4. Accident cases

Severe accident cases need to be tended to at the hospital.

However, there are other urgent cases like burns, cuts and lacerations, that can be managed in Paddington Medical Clinic.

For infected skin lumps, these can possibly be managed in an outpatient setting in our clinic. Paddington Medical does offer removal of these infected skin lumps, necessary antibiotic management and timely wound dressings as needed.

We can also do suturing of most external skin wounds.

4. Statutory Examinations, Driving Licenses, Maid Checkups, Work Permit Checks

For now, we can still conduct these check ups. But do try to make an appointment to reduce your waiting time in clinic if you can. Meanwhile, walk in visits for these checks are still welcome.

How Paddington Medical strives to protect our patients

1. Strict triage and temperature screening for all patients, staff and vendors upon entry into clinic.

To all patients, we seek your kind cooperation in declaring at the triage counter if you have any runny nose OR dry throat OR cough OR fever OR body ache. This will help us triage you appropriately and ensure safety of everyone in Paddington Medical.

2. Strict separation of patients with respiratory symptoms from all other patients.

Apart from the segregation in the waiting room for patients who come in with flu-like symptoms from other patients, we do see all patients with any Runny Nose OR Dry Throat OR Cough OR Fever in a consultation room separate from the others.

The room is then constantly cleaned between each consultation.

3. Minimum 1m separation between patient seats, sometimes even more than that.

4. Regular sanitization of all patient touch points in clinic, especially for those with respiratory symptoms.

Our staff sanitize, decontaminate and thoroughly clean the clinic premises at regular intervals throughout the day and evening.

On weekends, after clinic operational hours, we have a cleaner to do weekly deep cleaning of the clinic premises.

5. High Efficiency Particulate (HEPA) air filters with ventilation ducts in waiting area to reduce droplet accumulation.

6. All staff and patients must be wearing a mask covering the nose and mouth in clinic.

7. Patients are encouraged to make an appointment, to skip the queue! Although, walk in visits are most welcome!

We do encourage appointment booking here to minimize waiting time in the clinic as well as minimize unnecessary interactions across patients. Having said that, we still do welcome walk-in patients. Otherwise, teleconsultations can be arranged with appointments as well.

8. Paddington Teleconsult with medication delivery

For certain medical conditions, teleconsultation alone is sufficient for diagnosis and management. Coupled with seamless medication delivery, there is no need to leave home to get treated for your medical condition

9. Paddington Teleconsult with quick clinic review

Otherwise, for other medical conditions that require an in-clinic review, we can shorten your visit and waiting time by getting the relevant medical history and information over teleconsultation first. While you are travelling to our clinic, we will be pre-packing the medications for you so as to reduce your waiting time in clinic. You will not be charged another consultation charge when you come to our clinic for the physical examination. After the quick review, your medications will be ready for immediate pick-up.

These are difficult times and we at Paddington Medical aim to provide a seamless and convenient healthcare experience, so that you can focus on recovering and getting back on your feet.

Take care and stay safe.

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