Funny weird growth on hands and feet - is it serious?

In our clinic, we have seen many patients with lumps or growths on the hands and feet. These lumps can grow on the fingers and toes. Some of these lumps are painless, and others can cause a bit of discomfort or pain. If you see any growing lump, please do see your friendly neighbourhood doctor!

In this article, we will share with you

  1. Some causes of Lumps on hands and feet that we see in our clinic commonly

  2. Treatment Options of these lumps, including a video on freezing of warts

  3. How we can help you

So what are the causes of such lumps?

Here are some common conditions that we see in our clinic - a non exhaustive list!

  1. Corns

  2. Calluses

  3. Warts

  4. Abscess

Let's learn about Corns and Calluses first!