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Behind the Scenes of Paddington Fitness Virtual Summit at Decathlon with our Speakers!

On the 10th July 2021, we were privileged enough to participate in a video shoot involving 4 of our Paddington Fitness Summit speakers, supported by Lightedpixels Photography at Decathlon Singapore to film some of the presentations that will be delivered at the Summit from 7th to 9th August.

The team from N+E Specialists,, Paddington Medical Clinic and Maison Therapy had a lot of fun during the filming, and we hope to see you at the Summit, which is completely free of course!

Here are some behind the scenes of what went down that day, as well as some snippets of the presentations that will be conducted from the 7th-9th August right here at!

Set off from Paddington Medical Clinic

Our team set off from Paddington Medical Clinic after a morning of seeing patients. All ready for the shoot with some simple portable equipment and excitement!

Set-up at Decathlon

Over at Decathlon located in Kallang, we had the technical set-up initially to prepare for all the presentation slides in the background.

The team at Decathlon had kindly prepared the necessary equipment for our speaker demos during their presentation. The kettlebells were for the HIIT presentation with Calvin and Dr Lee. They also had their treadmill readily on hand as well! This was for Ying Rong's presentation on appropriate running techniques.

Gathering of the speakers, videographer and Paddington Fitness team

Everyone was so enthusiastic and punctual! Here some of the speakers were getting ready their workout suggestions. We had our awesome videographer Kelvin from Lightedpixels ready on hand with just an iPhone and our mic-holder, Jocelyn to record the speakers.

Filming with Calvin and Dr Lee

For the last topic on the 3rd day of the summit, we had Calvin Ng, a Nutrition & Exercise Specialist from NE Specialist & Dr Lee Joon Loong, EIMS Primary Care Physician from Paddington Medical talk about the topic:

I’m in my 40s,50s and 60s, is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) suitable for me?

Calvin kicked off the shoot talking about HIIT, what high intensity interval training is all about and why it is good for you. We had our steady videographer, Kelvin from Lightedpixels photography and our Paddington Fitness Team member Jocelyn with their steady hands filming Calvin.

Then Dr Lee Joon Loong subsequently took over the presentation to talk about HIIT and the current medical evidence supporting it, as well as why you should consider this form of work-out if you have underlying diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol issues.

We ended off Calvin and Dr Lee's presentation with a fun short HIIT workout with the Decathlon staff! Worked up quite a sweat! This was a sample workout you can try out at home which only takes 5 minutes - each exercise is 1 minute with 45 seconds of workout and 25 seconds of rest, with a total of 5 different exercises:

Remember to keep your eyes peeled for this presentation to find out more! Sign up for the Paddington Fitness Virtual Summit here!

  • 9th August 2pm Singapore Time - Calendar Link

  • Mr Calvin Ng, EIMS – CFP, Nutrition & Exercise Specialist, NE Specialist & Dr Lee Joon Loong, EIMS Primary Care Physician, Paddington Medical

  • Topic: I’m in my 40s, 50s and 60s, is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) suitable for me?

  • Synopsis: Find out the science behind HIIT and how it can possibly reverse ageing through guided exercise prescription. How can I do it safely, especially if I have existing medical conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels or diabetes?

Filming with Ying Rong

Ying Rong will be the first speaker on day 2 of the summit, she will be talking about running gait analysis and how it helps with preventing injuries during running. So Ms Mok Ying Rong is the Principal Physiotherapist at Maison Private Home Physiotherapy and she will be talking about:

Running into your Golden Age

She starts off with a running gait introduction and briefly touches on how to optimize your running form and then she moves onto common dysfunctional gait patterns. She also touches on why the big toe is important during running.

Ying Rong then moves onto a gait analysis for Rachel, our friendly Decathlon volunteer! Using a stationary treadmill provided by Decathlon, we see how Rachel's walking and running gait can make it easy for her to develop injuries.

More importantly, she then advises the corrective exercises to strengthen the muscles that might cause Rachel to be more prone to running injuries. Useful exercises for avid runners at home to try out.

She then repeated the process for the second participant - Dr Lee to different and interesting results as well!

To find out more about this presentation - remember to look out for Ying Rong on Day 2 of the Summit on 8th August, she is the first presenter. Sign up for the Paddington Fitness Virtual Summit here! The whole Summit is completely free to join!

  • 8th August 10am Singapore Time - Calendar Link

  • Ms Mok Ying Rong, Principal Physiotherapist, Maison Private Home Physiotherapy

  • Topic: Running into your Golden Age

  • Synopsis:

  • 1. Myths of running

  • 2. Main causes of running injuries

  • 3. Tips to prevent injuries

Filming with Donn

Donn was the last to film and he similarly roped in two Decathlon volunteers to showcase a quick workout you can try at home as well as some of his tips with the proper postures during the exercises. Donn is a Fitness Specialist and Personal Trainer from and he will be talking about:

I’m not as young as I was in my 20s, somehow I’m getting injured more and my recovery seems slower. Is there anything I can do to reduce the injury rates and boost my recovery time?

His presentation will start off with explaining some fundamental common injuries and it will end off with this demonstration with a circuit training example for those who are based at home and are lazy to head to the gym. It helps to keep up your general fitness - he went through warm-up planks, deadlifts, mountain climber, kettle bell swing, jump squat, superman hold, forward lunge, squats, reach-out, backward lunge and burpees! Whew!

If you would like to watch this free presentation, Donn will be here at the Fitness Summit on on Day 2 of the Summit on 8th August at 1pm. Sign up for the Paddington Fitness Virtual Summit here! The whole Summit is completely free to join!

  • 8th August 1pm Singapore Time - Calendar Link

  • Mr Md Salaudin Adam (Donn), Fitness Specialist, Personal Trainer

  • Topic: I’m not as young as I was in my 20s, somehow I’m getting injured more and my recovery seems slower. Is there anything I can do to reduce the injury rates and boost my recovery time?

  • Synopsis: If you have crossed the big 35, you might have already experienced slower recovery times, and be more injury prone. Learn more from a Fitness Specialist on how possibly to reduce the chances of getting injured, and possibly boost your recovery time.

Why we are doing this summit?

We have realized the increasing prevalence of sedentary lifestyles as a result of the pandemic over the last 2 years, as a result of multiple factors - working from home, difficulty getting food supplies, fear of heading out to the gym. This has translated into greater incidence of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol issues. Not to mention the general fear of seeking medical attention unless an acute issue rises, which means that many of these silent conditions are going on undiagnosed and untreated.

As a result, we decided to organize this fitness summit, which happens to be something Dr Lee is extremely passionate about and we were lucky enough to rope in many like-minded individuals ranging from physiotherapists, personal trainers to various medical professional specialists as well!

This Summit is completely free and readily available to the public, you just need to sign up for it so that we know there is an interest in what we have to share! Even with all our experts sharing what they know on various topics, it really boils down to YOU at the end of the day to take action on them - because knowing is not doing right?

Check out this part 2 of our behind the scenes shoot at Decathlon - do remember to sign up for the Summit so you get to watch all 15 presentations from 7th-9th August 2021 and we can't wait to see you there!

See you soon!

Dr Lee Joon Loong and Dr Zhang Huipei

From Paddington Medical

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