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Travelling Soon? Here's a 10 Item Checklist to Protect Yourself before Travelling!

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

With the opening up of most countries, especially with Vaccinated Travel Lanes, we might be tempted to travel again.

We all want to travel and enjoy ourselves. But, how do we travel safely?

After all, no one wants to fall sick while travelling, be it for work or holiday!

Paddington Medical has a checklist for you, which may be helpful when you travel.

- Do adjust the quantities if you need.

Here's a downloadable PDF Checklist

Paddington Travel Checklist
Download PDF • 683KB

1. Influenza (Flu) vaccination

The Flu vaccine, is NOT JUST a travel vaccine. You wont know who is going to bring back Influenza into Singapore, and into your social circle. Hence, Paddington Medical encourages everyone who has no medical contraindications, to get their Flu Vaccine as soon as possible. the Flu Vaccine is not just a "travel vaccine", everyone should be getting the Flu Shot if one has no medical contraindications.

Even though COVID is the main thing on everyone's minds, do also note that Influenza is a very common illness that can affect anyone when travelling. If you are travelling, it may good to do the Influenza vaccine 2 weeks before travelling, to minimize your risk of catching the Flu during your travels.

2. Hand Sanitizer / Alcohol Disinfectant spray - 5 bottles

This can be used to sanitize your hands especially at high touch point areas like immigration, aircraft seats, toilets, rental cars, taxis.

The In-House formulated Paddington Hand Sanitizer is packed for ease of use, especially when travelling.

Paddington Medical Hand Sanitizer
Paddington Medical Hand Sanitizer

3. Alcohol wipes - 30 pieces

Make sure these wipes have at least 70% alcohol content. It is well known that the aircraft touch points like the tray table, hand rest, head rest can harbor bacteria and viruses, so sanitizing them with 70% alcohol will be wise.

Alcohol 70% Wipes
Alcohol 70% Wipes

4. Disposable Surgical Masks - box of 50 pieces

When travelling, it may not be the best idea to use re-usable cloth masks because of the lower filtration capacity. Surgical Masks are superior to cloth masks and can be thrown away after a whole day's use, or when obviously dirty.

Surgical Masks and N95 Masks
Surgical Masks and N95 Masks

5. N95 Masks - box of 25

Surgical Masks are good, but with a well fitted N95 Mask, the risk of catching a respiratory virus especially on the plane may be lowered.

6. COVID Vaccination Certificates

These certificates are needed to prove that one has received the recognized vaccination in the destination country. Do check the current rules of the destination country before booking your travel tickets.

Do visit this website: to get your official vaccination certificate verified before flying off. It only takes 5 minutes to get it done.

SingPass Verified Vaccination Certificate
SingPass Verified Vaccination Certificate

7. Standby Medications for Common Illnesses and ANTIGEN RAPID TEST ART Test Kits

Although most of us do not plan to fall sick while travelling, sometimes, it may be prudent

to pack some medications for common illness like stomach flu, gastric issues, and maybe even for mild runny nose or dry throat. Do consult a doctor if you need, to discuss what medications may be suitable for you.

Standby ART Kits are useful when you are overseas in case you have symptoms. No matter the result, you can always WhatsApp us at 91010886 if you have any concerns.

Antigen Rapid Testing (ART Kit)
Antigen Rapid Testing (ART Kit)

8. Regular Medications if applicable

If you are on any long term medications for asthma, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, do remember to pack adequate quantities of your medications before leaving.

9. Easy to sanitize ziplock bags

These bags can be used to store commonly used items like tickets, cards, travel documents. As it is frequently used, it may be good to sanitize the bag frequently. Try to use Credit Cards instead of Cash, as it reduces the touchpoints needed, and hence reduce risk of catching COVID.

Soft copies of Travel Documents should also be stored in your smartphone.

10. Emergency Contacts

- Next of Kin Identification in case of Emergency

- Emergency contact numbers in Destination Country

- Paddington Medical can always be contacted at 69802986, or WhatsApp 91010886 even if you are overseas.

No one wants to have an emergency while travelling. But the worst case scenario may happen. So it will be wise to plan for this first before flying out from Singapore.

So that's it. We hope this checklist can help you prepare for your travels, and have a safe and enjoyable time travelling!

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