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Our Doctors have been featured in the following:

Radio Interview


Sharing our expertise with the public

1st Paddington Fitness Virtual Summit

Speaker: Dr Lee Joon Loong


1. Everyone tells me to exercise, I’m already doing some exercise, but is it enough for me?

2. High Cholesterol - What is the best treatment for this? What kind of Exercise should I be doing? Diet, Exercise or Both? 

Speaker: Dr Zhang Huipei

Topic: Breathlessness during Exercise, When is it serious? When do I need to see a doctor about this?

7th to 9th August 2021

How we can keep ourselves safe when we're back at the gym?

SAFRA Energyone Interview

20th June 2021

Why it is still vital to spend some time in the sun every day, especially when we are working from home.

SAFRA Energyone Interview

15th June 2021

Managing Stress during a Pandemic

SAFRA Energyone Interview

2nd June 2021

The COVID-19 Q&A

CNA 938Live Radio 

13th April 2020

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