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7th to 9th August 2021
Our Summit has ended

Dear Summit Attendees, we hope that you have learnt a lot from the Summit and our Team thanks you for your kind feedback and we really appreciate it,

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Getting on in age?

Finding exercise easier when you were younger?


Getting more prone to injuries and thinking when are aches and pains more than just that?

Wondered about the risks involved in exercising especially as you get older?

Thinking of pushing yourself further but wondering if it is safe with your existing medical conditions?

Join us!

This 3-day free event will showcase 14 speakers of varying backgrounds, all experts in their own fields, coming together to talk to you about exercise with ageing. Ranging from EIMS (Exercise is Medicine Singapore) Primary Care Physician and Family Physician, to Cardiologists, Urologist, Orthopaedic Surgeons to Physiotherapist, Nutritionists, Fitness Specialists and Personal Trainers.

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Meet  your Host

Dr Lee Joon Loong graduated in 2011 from Monash University in Australia. He has a special interest in men's health, sports injuries, elderly health, chronic disease management and minor surgical procedures. 

A keen triathlete himself, Joon Loong, an active member of Sports Medicine Association Singapore, has completed several triathlons and road cycling events locally. This passion for sports has spurned him to complete the EIMS course for Primary Care Physicians in 2017, to be a certified EIMS Primary Care Physician.

The Paddington Fitness Virtual Summit aims to create more awareness for safety in exercising, especially in older adults. 

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All the Things


The Paddington Fitness Virtual Summit will take place on 7th to 9th August 2021.


Right in the comfort of your own home. All speaker presentations will be online, hosted at paddingtonmedical.com.

Each bite-sized presentation will be 20-30 minutes long, and will be available until 10:00 AM Singapore Standard Time the day after its release.

Interact with Speakers

During each presentation block, our speakers will be available for Q&A via a chat box hosted here. It is easily accessible beside the video presentation. 



14 Expert Speakers

15 Health and Fitness Topics

Take Charge of Your Health Today!

The Speakers

Click on the Speakers to Find Out More!

Day 1: Exercise and the Risks Involved

Day 2: Aches and Pains during Exercise

Day 3: Diet for Health, High Intensity Interval Training 


Is this only for Singapore Residents?

No, it is available to anyone who wants to watch world-wide! Do note the timing for all the presentations are in Singapore Standard Time.

When is this whole thing happening?

The Paddington Fitness Virtual Summit will take place on 7th to 9th August, 2021. The Kick-off Live event will take place at 10am, Singapore Standard Time on 7th August 2021.

How do I sign up now?

Just sign up via the links at the bottom of this page. All we need is your name and your email. You will receive an email from Paddington Fitness within 24 hours of signing up.

Please do check the Junk or Spam folder of your email, just in case you did not receive our welcome email. If somehow, you didn't receive any welcome email, please do call us or WhatsApp us at 81599385. A Paddington Fitness team member will definitely help you!

How long will I have to watch the presentations?

The presentations for each day are available for 24 hours until 10am the following day. As for the Q&A sessions with the speakers, it will occur via the chat-box hosted on paddingtonmedical.com for the duration of the presention. 

Do I have to pay to watch the presentations?

No it is absolutely free!

Do note they are not available for purchase and will no longer be available after the first 24 hours!

Will you be giving my email address to all the speakers?

Absolutely not! The only person you will hear from is our Paddington Fitness Team, to update you for the summit and the links to each day's videos. After the summit is over, you may continue to receive updates from Paddington Fitness and Paddington Medical, but you can unsubscribe at any time.

We will only send out educational materials!

Are you still accepting speakers? 

All of our speakers for this summit have been hand-picked and invited to speak at the event. Our slots are currently full. However, we’re open to additional speakers potentially for the future. If you’re interested in being considered for any Paddington Virtual Summits in the future, please email us at team@paddingtonmedical.com.


Will the presentations be live?

All our speakers will be available via the chat box during the time of their presentations to answer any queries you may have, even though the presentations have been pre-recorded. The presentations have been pre-recorded and will be aired at their scheduled timings to minimize the technical difficulties that might arise. 

We'd love to be involved, how can we collaborate with you?

Yes! We would love to work with, and collaborate with you! Do contact us at team@paddingtonmedical.com if you are keen to work with us!


I still have a question! Who can I speak to?

No problem! Call us at 69802986 or drop us an email at team@paddingtonmedical.com, or WhatsApp us at 81599385

Our team at Paddington Fitness will definitely get back to you. 

Let's do it!

Take charge of your Health today and hear what our experts have to say!