Need help fast?

Persistent symptoms that keep coming back?

Worrisome symptoms requiring answers?

Unexpected injuries like falls, bites & bleeding cuts?

Pain causing distress?

Worried about something more?

Ignoring problems because of family and work time?

Looking for quick resolution?

Avoid Hospital Accident and Emergency as much as possible?

Can only afford a short time away from home duties for your own health?

Want fast scans for worrisome or persistent symptoms?


Paddington Fast Care

You do not have to wait hours or days or weeks to get the care you deserve


What is Paddington Fast Care?

Paddington Fast Care is a service provided by Paddington Medical to assist our patients with a definitive diagnosis and immediate treatment with short waiting time, through necessary blood & urine tests, relevant scans and expedited procedures. 

On a Run

Paddington Fast Care

Short Waiting Time

Our team consists of efficient clinic administration staff to quickly register all patients.


We have a team of doctors to provide personalised and comprehensive care.

In order to speed up diagnosis and treatment, we can perform diagnostic investigations such as blood and urine tests with fast results.

Definitive Diagnosis

We are equipped with an advanced Ultrasound System to conduct immediate Ultrasound scans in clinic.


To speed up the diagnostic process, we arrange expedited X-Rays, CT, MRI scans and Exercise Heart Testing for our patients, with fast results. 

Immediate Treatment

We are well equipped to conduct procedures such as wound dressing, suturing for cuts, joint injections and removal of lumps and abscesses.

Paddington Medical works with a team of trusted Specialist Doctors to provide integrated and comprehensive care for our patients. Paddington Fast Care can arrange for expedited care for you with our team of Specialist Doctors.

At Paddington Medical, we know that having a medical condition is stressful and distressing. 


We want to help you by giving you a definitive diagnosis, and immediate treatment with short Waiting Time. 

Read on to find out what exactly Paddington Fast Care can do for you.

Definitive Diagnosis, Immediate Treatment, Short Waiting Time


You do not have to wait hours or days or weeks to get the care you deserve

Let us help you today!