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Dr Zhang Huipei (Mdm)

Family Physician and Medical Director
MBBS (Singapore)
Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine

Dr Zhang Huipei is our clinic's Lady GP doctor and Family Physician.


She has been practicing medicine since 2011 with a special interest in skin conditions, women's and children's health and elderly health.


Dr Zhang has acquired experience in various Institutions including National Skin Centre, Accident and Emergency departments, KKH Children's Hospital and various Polyclinics. 

​​​Firmly believing in the holistic management of every patient, Dr Zhang obtained the Diploma in Family Medicine, from the National University of Singapore in 2017, to be a fully accredited Family Physician.

Dr Zhang is the main doctor in Paddington Medical Clinic that attends to the health of our lady patients. For our lady patients, Dr Zhang conducts the screening for diseases like Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer through the use of mammograms, and PAP smears respectively. 

Dr Zhang also attends to the health of babies and children in our clinic. Being a mother herself, she is privileged to be able to grow together with our little patients and enjoys supporting them and their families with professional advice and care. 

HP Cambodia profile pic.jpg

Dr Zhang's professional memberships include:

1. Accredited Family Physician with the College of Family Physicians, Singapore.

2. Exercise is Medicine Singapore certified Primary Care Physician. 

3. Member, Singapore Medical Association

Dr Zhang Huipei (Mdm) is in Clinic on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 

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