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Day 3 - 1pm Singapore Time

Structural heart disease: can exercise and diet improve quality and quantity of life?

Synopsis: If you have existing heart disease, learn from a cardiologist how diet & exercise can help improve one’s quality and quantity of life and perhaps reduce progression of cardiac disease.

The speaker will be available below via the chat box from 1pm-1.30pm Singapore Time.

edgar tay.jpg

Dr Edgar Tay, Interventional Cardiologist, Asian Heart and Vascular Centre


Dr Edgar Tay is a senior consultant cardiologist who specialises in structural heart disease. He used to direct the adult congenital heart disease and pulmonary hypertension programme at the National University Heart Centre. He is also the current Governor of the Singapore Chapter of the American College of Cardiology

Dr Tay has a keen interest in helping patients with structural heart disease improve their quality of life through a combination of lifestyle adaptations and treatment. He is passionate about exercise and strongly believes that everyone (including cardiac patients) can derive benefit from a safe, effective and carefully customised exercise programme.

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