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Day 3 - 11am Singapore Time

High Cholesterol - What is the best treatment for this? What kind of Exercise should I be doing? Diet, Exercise or Both? 

Synopsis: High Cholesterol levels shouldn’t stop you from exercising. In fact, you should be doing more exercise. But how much more is needed?

Cholesterol Content chart.jpg

The speaker will be available below via the chat box from 11am-11.30am Singapore Time.

Dr Lee Joon Loong.HEIC

Dr Lee Joon Loong, EIMS Primary Care Physician, Paddington Medical


Dr Lee Joon Loong graduated in 2011 from Monash University in Australia. He has a special interest in men's health, sports injuries, elderly health, chronic disease management and minor surgical procedures. 


Dr Lee has a passion in Men's Health, in particular wellness for men. As an active member of the Singapore Men's Health Society, he also completed the Certificate Course in Andrology accredited by the Singapore Urological Association and the Academy of Men's Health. 

A keen triathlete himself, Dr Lee, an active member of the Sports Medicine Association Singapore, has completed several triathlons and road cycling events locally.


This passion for sports has spurned him to complete the EIMS course for Primary Care Physicians in 2017, to be a certified EIMS Primary Care Physician.


Dr Lee is also certified by the Academy of Medicine Singapore to conduct Electrocardiography Stress Testing. 

In 2020, Dr Lee also completed the Singapore Hyperbaric and Underwater Medicine Course jointly organised by the Singapore Navy and SGH, to be an accredited Designated Workplace Doctor for Compressed Air Works.

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