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Day 2 - 1pm Singapore Time

Topic: I’m not as young as I was in my 20s, somehow I’m getting injured more and my recovery seems slower. Is there anything I can do to reduce the injury rates and boost my recovery time?

Synopsis: If you have crossed the big 35, you might have already experienced slower recovery times, and be more injury prone. Learn more from a Fitness Specialist on how possibly to reduce the chances of getting injured, and possibly boost your recovery time.

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The speaker will be available below via the chat box from 1pm-1.30pm Singapore Time.


Mr Md Salaudin Adam (Donn), Fitness Specialist, Personal Trainer

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Mr Md Salaudin Adam (Donn) is a self employed Fitness Lifestyle Consultant, Professional Personal Trainer, Your Partner in Fitness & Health. Insists on providing Unique Fitness Programs to men and women. He brings over more than 18 years of fitness expertise and experience to this Business.

It was an opportunity of his lifetime which he grabbed not wanting to let go, ever. From passion to entrepreneur, Fitness has always been part of his daily life.

Donn’s achievements include:

- Manhunt Finalist & Award Winner 2001

- School of Excellence (SOE) 2002

- National Academy of Sports Medicine


- Fitness Anywhere (TRX) 2006

- Kick Boxing (IKF) Certified 2006

- Singapore Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)


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