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We understand the pressures of being young parents in Singapore.

Between juggling time for work and looking after little children, it can be difficult being young parents in Singapore. Even when you place your child in a school, you can be faced with an situation where your child falls sick unexpectedly often. 

Why is my child getting sick so often?

If your child is in the toddler to preschool age groups, they are still building up their immune system and oftentimes if they are attending school or childcare, they are exposed to multiple forms of viruses constantly.

Sometimes they get the transmissions of infections from their siblings who are also similarly in school. Also, compared to adults, their symptoms take longer to resolve so they appear to remain sick for longer periods.

Is it normal for a child to get sick every month?

For kids going to school or childcare, they can fall sick an average of 11 times a year, which actually amounts to falling sick almost every month! This is quite common so do not be afraid that your child’s immune system is weak! 


We treat common illnesses that cause fever in children.

Children can come down with fever frequently and can sometimes last several days. In addition to managing the fever itself to avoid febrile fits, we would also have to consider the cause of the fever.

Common Illnesses that cause Fever in Children

Here are a few common causes below of what could be causing fever for your child. 

child with flu

Common Cold

Viral infection that affects the nose and throat, commonly causing runny nose, cough and sore throat.

child holding toilet paper

Stomach Flu (Gastro-enteritis)

Viral infection that affects the intestines, commonly causing diarrhoea, tummy pain and vomiting.

child treated for wheezing with nebuliser

Wheezing (Bronchitis)

Infection affecting airways (or bronchi), commonly causing cough sometimes with green phlegm, and wheezing which is a high pitched whistling sound when breathing.

ear drops for ear infection in child

Ear Infection

Infection of the outer or middle ear, causing ear pain or sometimes reduced hearing.

child having urine infection

Urinary Tract Infection

Most commonly infection of the lower urinary tract (bladder and urethra), causing pain on urination, frequent urination or sometimes blood in the urine.

pink eye

Conjunctivitis (Red Eye)

Infection of the transparent layer over the eye, causing redness and itchiness of the eye.


We treat the most common rashes in children.

Children can commonly get rashes on different parts of their body and the causes can vary – from infections to allergies, vaccinations to skin issues.  

Common Rashes in Children

Below are some common causes of rashes in children, many of which we do see and treat.

hand foot and mouth

Hand Foot Mouth Disease

Viral infection thet can result in ulcers in the back of the mouth and rashes over hands and feet.

eczema dry skin

Eczema (Dry Skin)

Long lasting skin condition that causes dry, itchy and sometimes cracking skin.

baby diaper rashes

Diaper Rashes

Skin irritation and inflammation around buttock and genital region, caused by usage of diapers. 

child with viral rashes

Viral Rashes

Viral infection causing rashes to appear over the body, sometimes accompanied by flu-like symptoms. 

child with chickenpox


Viral infection that causes itchy rashes with blistering all throughout the body and is highly contagious. 

We stock medications that are commonly prescribed to kids.

Children are not just little adults and they cannot consume medications that are prescribed for adults. There are some medications that are not safe for kids, even between toddlers and preschoolers, and there needs to be relevant dosage adjustment as well. 

We do our best to keep you and your child from going to the hospital.

In addition to treating common conditions for children with medicine suited to their age group, we try our best to educate you on the relevant symptoms to look out for – to decide whether your child can continue to be monitored at home, or whether they need to be brought to the accident and emergency department for urgent review. 

We are parents too.

As parents, we know that children are the pride and joy of your lives. They can bring you a lot of happiness and sometimes unfortunately, a lot of worry, especially when they are fragile in their younger years. 

We try our best to help you manage common conditions in the comfort of your own home, but if situations arise that require further treatment in a hospital setting, we will not hesitate to advise you accordingly as well. 

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