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We TREAT the most common body aches and pains. More importantly we aim to PREVENT injuries before they happen. 

Neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, ankle pain, finger pain, wrist pain are just some of the common conditions that we treat. Most people assume that such pain is “normal” and just “bear with it”.

But why should you bear with it? And more importantly, when is such pain not “normal” and when is it serious?

Usually, you should seek medical attention if the pain:

  • Persists after several days or weeks; or
  • Worsens and gets more painful, in spite of taking pain-killers already; or
  • Moves down your arms or legs; or
  • comes along with headache, weakness, numbness or tingling or weird sensations in the arms, hands, legs or feet.


We treat the most common Aches and Pains. 

The most common causes of aches and pains are listed below and are generally easily treated. Some can be diagnosed and will resolve, while others tend to stick around for a long time. Seek help if it worsens, persists or progresses with other new symptoms.

neck and back pain
Neck Strain

Neck Pain

Most of the time, pain in the neck is usually related to a strain in the muscles of the neck. We see this very commonly but sometimes, good anti-inflammatory medications are needed to relieve the aches and allow the body a chance to heal on its own.

However, before coming to such a conclusion, a thorough assessment of the neck and upper body including the arms are required to rule out other conditions like a slipped disc in the neck (cervical spondylosis). This is especially important if there is an obvious trigger of the pain such as trauma from falling down or from a traffic accident. 

back sprain or strain
Back Sprain

Back Pain

This is a common condition, especially for office workers who sit at the desk all day long with poor posture. We also see back pain affecting fitness enthusiasts who have an existing back problem, but worsens during exercise.

Most of the time, back pain is related to strain of the muscles, especially when the core muscles are lacking in the strength to keep a good posture.

However, in some cases, it may also be due to a slipped disc in the back (lumbar spondylosis), or even related to kidney or ureteric stones! Hence, a proper examination of the back, abdomen and legs are required to ascertain the correct cause of the back pain before treatment is administered

knee pain after running
Runner’s Knee and Osteoarthritis

Knee Pain

We see this condition fairly commonly in adults above 50 years old. There are many causes of knee pain, as the knee is a complex structure made up of many ligaments, bursa, meniscus and bones. Every part of the knee can be damaged. 

It is a misconception that runners will have knee pain as they are constantly “pounding” the knee. Runners, with good running form, seldom get knee pain as the body is designed for running. Only after a thorough assessment of the knee and the biomechanics involved, then can the cause of the knee pain be found. 

In older adults above 60, a common cause of knee pain is osteoarthritis. This is related to degeneration and wear and tear of the knee joint articular surfaces. There are several treatments available in our clinic for this and we do offer knee joint injections into the knee to help alleviate symptoms of knee pain which is a result of osteoarthritis. 

pain over ankle
Ankle Sprains or Gout

Foot and Ankle Pain

Commonly, we do treat patients who slip and fall and twist the ankle. Ankle sprains are fairly common and we do offer treatment for minor ankle sprains. 

In the foot and toes, a common cause of pain can include gout attacks. After diagnosis of gout, we will counsel you in clinic on a good low purine diet, and if appropriate, start medications which can lower uric acid levels and reduce your risk of gout attacks.

pain over shoulder
Frozen Shoulder

Shoulder Pain

The most common cause of shoulder pain we treat in clinic, is actually from strain of the shoulder muscles. Apart from this, the most common cause of shoulder pain we treat in clinic, is when rotator cuff tendons get stuck underneath the bone in the shoulder, leading to inflammation and damage of the tendons.This condition is rotator cuff tendinitis or bursitis. 

A proper assessment of the shoulder joint is needed to ascertain the correct area of damage and hence treatment can be directed accordingly. 

pain in the elbow
Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow

Elbow Pain

Overuse injuries of the tendons in the elbow, especially by repetitive motions of the wrist and arm, leading to elbow pain in the inside and outside part of the elbow are common elbow injuries that we treat in clinic. Tennis players and Golfers are the usual suspects, but realistically, anyone who uses the elbow joint frequently for work or sports can develop these 2 conditions:

  • Lateral epicondylitis – tennis elbow
  • Medial epicondylitis – golfer’s elbow

After a thorough assessment of the elbow, we may offer medications and physical therapy as first line treatment. However, in other cases, we may offer an ultrasound guided injection into the elbow, to help with the pain and relieve the inflammation in the tendon. 

pain in the wrist
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Hand and Wrist Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, is a common cause of wrist pain that we see. Pain will be experienced in the first 3 fingers of the hand, and is associated with numbness and weird sensations also.

This can happen in people who type a lot on the computer, have repetitive wrist movements, and even pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. We have also treated several mothers, after delivery of their child, for carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Usually initial treatment involves splinting of the wrist first, coupled with some anti-inflammatories. However, by the time patients get to see us, and suffering a lot already, the pain is severe and the numbness is usually present. After a thorough assessment of the hand, wrist, arms and neck, we may offer an ultrasound guided injection into the wrist, to relieve the swelling and help with the pain and numbness. 

pain in the finger joints
Trigger Finger

Finger Pain

A common condition, especially in people who use the fingers repetitively, is called trigger finger (tenosynovitis). This is actually a swelling, or nodule in the tendon sheath of the finger. Most of the time, patients have tried anti-inflammatories or rest already, but the pain is not improving. In some cases, a “clicking” feeling can even be felt. In severe cases, the finger cannot be bent back into position. 

We usually recommend you see a doctor before the finger cannot be bent back into position because by this stage, you will most likely need surgery performed by an orthopaedic surgeon to repair the finger. 

In our clinic, after a thorough assessment, we may offer an ultrasound guided injection into the base of the finger, to reduce the inflammation and nodule size which will then relieve the swelling and help with the pain and numbness. 

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